Sai Steel & Engineering it's a merchant, provider and wholesaler of Abrex 400 Plates records broadcast around the world. We the first clear stock, and flawlessly stack around 1,000 a lot of different sizes, exploration and cutting Abrex 400 Plates plates. Our assembling structure is upheld by broad inner testing and assessment, and its status conforms to every one of the principal normal guidelines, including ISO 9001: 2008.

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Abrex 400 Plates Manufacturers in India, Abrex 400 Plates Suppliers in India, Abrex 400 Plates Stockists in India, Abrex 400 Plates Exporters in India

Sai Steel & Engineering The Abrex 400 Plates plates includes a specific tendency. With the ascent inside the feed and pass proportion of the Abrex 400 Plates plates, in spite of the most straightforward setup, we will in any case give very low expenses.

We are focused on furnishing Abrex 400 Plates steel plates with demonstrated exactness for different development applications, and may appreciate various grades, as Abrex 400 Plates steel plates and wear-safe steel plates. These appraisals are frequently utilized as wear-safe steel plates.

Abrex 400 Plates has a suddenly great arrangement that gives influence obstruction, toughness, welding lines and scratch opposition. The scratch region trial of Abrex 400 Plates is multiple times that of standard steel plates, and in this way the help lifetime of mechanical holding is drawn out.


SPECIFICATION Abrex 400 Plates

   Size: 5mm ~ 120 mm
   Width: Up to 3000 mm
   Length: Up to 12000 mm



   Screen Plates - Chute Liners
   Transport Buckets
   Front lines
   Ripper Tyne
   Mineral Scrapers

Abrex 400 Plates Manufacturers in Mumbai, Abrex 400 Plates Suppliers in Mumbai, Abrex 400 Plates Stockists in Mumbai, Abrex 400 Plates Exporters in Mumbai


Grade C max Si max Mn max P max S max Ni max Cr max Mo max B max
Abrex 400 Plates 0.21 0.70 2 0.025 0.010 1.00 1.20 0.60 0.005



Grade Mechanical Property Charpy V Impact Test
Abrex 400 Plates Yield Tensile Elongation Degree longitudinal
Min Mpa Mpa Min  % -40 J
1000 1250 10 45

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