Sai Steel Designing and Co. is one of the topmost suppliers, stockists, and exporters of Abrex 450 Plates manufactured, supplied, and exported to customers with high-quality standards. Dimensionally, we meet customer requirements by offering them various widths, lengths, wall thicknesses, and surface finishes to ensure compliance with product quality standards.

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Abrex 450 Plates Manufacturers in India, Abrex 450 Plates Suppliers in India, Abrex 450 Plates Stockists in India, Abrex 450 Plates Exporters in India

Abrex 450 plates find extensive applications in wear-resistant materials today. The plates have excellent properties such as wear resistance, corrosion resistance, machinability, high strength, durability, and pitting resistance. Abrex significantly reduces the load on these structural components to cope with wear conditions. Contrary to conventional steel, Abrex Plates eliminate structural weight and also offer economic advantages.

Abrex abrades and resists wear, hence extending plant and equipment service life. ABREX plates perform exceptionally well in hostile environments and offer excellent wear resistance. The plates have better toughness, strength, and endurance, which make them useful for a wide range of applications, including screens, silo linings, hoppers, dump trucks, mud pipe systems, rippers, edge shovels, excavator buckets, and scrapers.

We supply a wide range of ABREX sheet materials: Abrex 450 Plates BHN wear-resistant plates, Abrex 450 Plates Brinell plates, Abrex 450 Plates crusher liners, etc. However, standard processing techniques that can be used with ease on these plates include cutting, machining, and welding. As wear resistance increases due to increased surface hardness, the load loss for the steel decreases.

Therefore, higher surface hardness is required by steels with wear resistance. Abrex 450 Plates offer excellent abrasion resistance to sand and soil; they are far better than low steel. Every Abrex 450 Plate goes through a variety of tests, like IGC-PMI, impact, and pitting tests, that ensure its high quality and performance.

Abrex 450 Plates Plate Specification :

  • Item: Abrasion Resistant Plate
  • Thickness : 5mm to 150mm
  • Length : 1,500mm to 2,500mm
  • Width : 6,000mm to 12,000mm
  • Surface : Tempering, Quenched, Normalized.
  • Certificates : ISO9001:2000
  • Production : Hot-Rolled (HR) / Cold-Rolled (CR)
  • Applications : concrete industry, metallurgy, fan industry, coal industry, mining machinery, construction machinery,etc.
  • Heat Treatment: N, Q+T
  • Material : Abrex 450 Plates, AR 450 Steel Plate, Abrex 450 Plates Abrasion Resistant Steel Plates, Abrex 450 Plates Wear Resistant Plates

Abrex 450 Plates Manufacturers in Mumbai, Abrex 450 Plates Suppliers in Mumbai, Abrex 450 Plates Stockists in Mumbai, Abrex 450 Plates Exporters in Mumbai


C *) Si *) Mn *) P S Cr *) Ni *) Mo *) B *)
Max % Max % Max % Max % Max % Max % Max % Max % Max %
0.26 0.7 1.6 0.025 0.01 1.40 1.50 0.6 0.005


Thickness Hardness HBW Typical yield strength MPa,
mm min - max 1) not guaranteed
3 - 80 425 - 475 1100 - 1300
(80) - 100 410 - 475 1050 - 1300
(100) - 130 390 - 475 1000 - 1300

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